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Managed Services Meraki

The Managed Service of ethcon offers the complete support of your network and the guarantee that
Your entire corporate network runs securely, stably and at full performance.
In a network concept for your company, topics such as user-friendliness, performance and
IT security for employees in the first place.
We plan and implement highly professional network solutions that are easy to manage yourself.
and grow scalably with your business.


Enable a seamless mobile experience thanks to future-proof WLAN technology. The Cisco Meraki wireless solution includes a comprehensive and effective set of ready-to-use features. No acquisitions are required.

Cisco Meraki Access Points are made from the highest quality components and are carefully optimized to provide a seamless user experience. The result: faster connections, higher user capacity, better coverage and fewer support requests.
Powerful and intuitive multi-site management via the cloud, eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional on-site wireless controllers. Get an overview of network users, their devices and applications.

Comprehensive analytics enable administrators to quickly create access control and application usage policies to enhance user experience and network security.

Ab 29,99 €


Building resilient networks Meraki switches combine ease of use with strong performance. The simplicity of the cloud-managed dashboard meets powerful, enterprise-class hardware to make the
meet the high demands of next-generation wired and wireless networks.

Meraki access and aggregation layer switches support networks of any size. They combine secure, scalable, robust performance with intuitive network management that requires no additional training.
Meraki switches provide the foundation for high-performance networks that must ensure seamless operation. Multigigabit Ethernet ensures that you get more speed out of existing cabling
can get out. The switches can be physically stacked with lightning-fast cabling and cross-stack link aggregation.

Thus, a fail-safe connection to the core of the network is established with the entire available bandwidth.

Ab 39,99 €


Security in Minutes Cisco Meraki security appliances can be up and running in minutes and remotely via zero-touch cloud deployment. Auto VPN technology securely connects branch offices in 3 clicks via an intuitive web-based dashboard.

Cisco Meraki MX appliances create an SD-WAN framework by securely provisioning IPsec VPN tunnels between sites automatically. The Meraki Dashboard automatically manages VPN routes, authentication and encryption protocols, and automatic key exchange for all Meraki MX devices in an enterprise to create hub-and-spoke or mesh VPN topologies. The MDM of Meraki “Systems Manager” makes it easy to integrate mobile devices and gain more transparency, security and control for your network.

Pre-register devices or add users dynamically as they join your network. Provide wireless and VPN connection settings, transfer apps and content, or restrict usage – based on user groups.

Ab 49,99 €

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