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Or in other words, with only 3 clicks for the customer to the interlocutor (install, scan, call). In the browser version even without an app (install), natively in the common browsers.

It also makes it easier for your customers to enter a Webex meeting (install, scan, meet). Use SCAN2CALL for your virtual customer consultations on your existing Webex platform.

Ease of use, like a high-quality user experience, is the key to user adoption.

Encrypted QR code, as well as encrypted communication, up to audit-proof recording, SCAN2CALL is optimally equipped for the financial sector.
However, this application also enables SIMPLE and FAST customer communication outside this industry (e.g. healthcare, municipal citizens’ office). Learn more about it here.
And SCAN2CALL can also extend NON-CISCO ENVIRONMENTS (e.g. Avaya, Mitel) through SIP-based communication. Learn more about it here.

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Advantages from the user's point of view

App on smart devices

  • with only “three clicks” (download, QR code, call) to the consultant, contact person in the company
  • with only “three clicks” into the Webex Meeting (Download, QR-Code, Webex Meeting)
  • No registration of the end customer in the app or in Webex
  • CI adaptable and thus known by the customer > High acceptance and recognition value

Browser integration

  • with only “one click” to the consultant / into the Webex meeting
  • available in the most popular browsers
  • Can also be used directly on smart devices
  • no loading/installing a plug-in
  • can be integrated into any homepage
  • no registration of the end customer in Webex

Advantages from the provider's point of view

  • High acceptance of use on the part of the customer due to simple operation
  • if a Cisco, Webex Calling, Webex Meeting or SIP capable platform (voice and/or video ready) is available, it can be used with it
  • one and the same terminal for any kind of communication for your employees
  • thus no further “IT island” is created
  • Possible integration also into existing on-prem Cisco Contact Center, Webex Calling and Webex Contact Center environments
    – a team of employees for all communication channels
    – thus high productivity and utilization of your contact center team
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Peter Junginger
Head of Digital Transformation
Tel: +49 89 7294901-120



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