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Finance Bus by ethcon, Cisco & DB Regio

The Finance Bus is the solution for the branch deaths of the presence banks and savings banks.

The German banking market is the largest in all of Europe. There are roughly as many banks here as there are in France, Italy, Spain and Great Britain combined. But the industry is in a state of upheaval. New, digital technologies and competitors lead to more online offers – with an impact on the number of bank branches in Germany. In 2007 there were still over 42,000 branches – in 2018 there were only just under 28,000.

The number of credit institutions is also falling: in 2007 there were just under 2,700 banks, 12 years later there are a little more than 1,700. The number could drop drastically by 2030: According to a study, there should be fewer than 300 banks and 15,000 branches in Germany by then.

In order to be able to continue to offer customers the usual service, ethcon, Cisco and DB Regio have developed the Finance Bus in a joint project.

The bus

The bank and savings bank customers experience something “new”, they leave the bus with a good feeling. “My bank is digital and innovative.”

Advantages for the customer compared to video advice from home:

    • The high-quality technology creates personal real-time advice via video, which gives the customer a feeling of closeness to the consultant
    • A lounge and feel-good atmosphere is created for the customer in a discreet room
    • With the document scanner, card / ID reader and the signature pad, case-closing consultations are possible.
      The customer is not dependent on the Internet connection and stability from home.

From the point of view of the bank or municipality:

    • Cushioning from political pressure when branches are closed without a replacement offer

“Despite the branch closings, my bank is still there for me“ on site ”.”

The interior and the technology

The bus is equipped with the latest communication technology from Cisco. The elegant designer furniture gives the bus a noble touch and is inviting to the customer.

Everything that is necessary for the smooth running of all banking transactions is on board. In addition to the screens, video cameras and audio devices, all devices are also available to scan documents and provide signatures.

A separate privacy room ensures trouble-free communication with the bank advisor, who is connected via video.

The bank advisor

Not only the bus, but also the bank advisor is state-of-the-art in order to be able to communicate with the customer on the bus via video conference.

The Cisco Desk Pro is equipped with a touch display and is therefore state-of-the-art. It has a full Cisco Webex integration and offers corresponding functionalities for perfect use.

With this device, the bank advisor has everything he needs in one device and can connect to the advice desk on the bus within seconds.

Contact us

Peter Junginger
Head of Digital Transformation
Tel: +49 89 7294901-120


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